Seriously? Alexa don't love me at all!

Well, it has been a while since I check my Alexa Rank and I still do not expect much from ittill this day. I was blogging ON and OFF and quite often changing the base on what to blog. The last time I checked this blog was ranked 7,600,15425 and that was 5 years ago.

Let see, what does Alexa want to say about MindaICT this time. Is it better or worst? Frankly I just wondering whether I got a bit of impression over here and there on the net.

Enough said, opening Alexa now.

Well, it was not quite as i expected. I thought my rank would be highly better after 5 years. God knows how MindaICT suffered in this 5 long years to be here. It was ranked 760 millions to 8 millions and some of you might say, it is a justified improvement.

Let me JUSTIFIED this!

I wasn't good to Alexa, neither to Google. But I never cheat on them. I was a good blogger, always! (Okay, most of the time). But seriously? 8 mil? Come on!

It could be better. How about a 5 figures number? Love me or not, I think MindaICT deserved it. What could I do to crunch that numbers to thousands?

Hmm.. you guys, who called yourself a SEO gurus out there, tell me, what have I done wrong? Check my blog now and tell me. Did I not deserve a 5 figure numbers? And don't tell me I need to change to Wordpress because I can't bear Wordpress. Read it, learn it, try it, write it and ditch it - and still hate it.

My affair with Wordpress is a short one. But I don't want to talk about it here. Come on guys, I know Wordpress has some good SEO plug-ins which undeniably really easy to use to. But are you telling me there are nothing as good as Wordpress? Really?

Anyway, I like to hear from you, ( YES I MEAN YOU ! ) on how could I improve this blog further. Who knows, you might have the answers I am looking for? So come on, and tell me your opinions.