OMG! Ubuntu is promoting nudity in Unity

I was checking my blog when I was up this morning. Just doing a little bit of house-keeping, nothing fancy when I realized that my blog template is reporting a bug. Some template's syntax error after I add something last night.

Anyway, I had my template's codes back-up in my home folder and it would be a simple task just to restore it back to blogger. I saved the codes in a text file. So, like any other task in Ubuntu these days, I would start with clicking the Unity Button to check on Recent Files.

Butang unity
The unity button is now root of nudity!
I was not expecting any surprised as I have not update my Ubuntu's packages since the day I tried and failed to test Ubuntu's new fervent lens feature; 'Ubuntu's Amazon's Ads in Unity' or now known as Shopping Lens.

I was shocked and started to tremble. At the same time, I felt furious and disappointed with what happening in front of my eyes. One of the suggested image is featuring a woman which I could say; in a state of full side nudity. I can't believe my eyes. I have been strict on nudity and I don't want it - EVER - to show up on my computer screen. Plus, my kids is sharing my computer daily! After a while, i decided to see if the same images was still there. Thank god it was rotated by other images. But wait, I have to do something about it! Lots of kids are now in jeopardy. I need to take some screenshot and tell Ubuntu to take it off! I tried to click the Unity Button again but the image still doesn't showed up. Then I tried searching for it's keywords; "jimmy ge".

Gambar Bogel dalam Ubuntu
Shame on you Ubuntu! You disrespect greedy OS!
This time all products listed as "jimmy ge" is listed and one of them, well you get the point. Thank god my kids are not around when I did this!

After I'm done with this post, I'm going to report a bug to launchpad and make a post in the Ubuntu' forum. And for you, please share this information with your family and friends, please. Let say no to push nudity and porn on ubuntu!

Afterwards, i'm going to research on ways to remove this crap out of my computer. Don't worry, I'll share it here.

Again if you don't believe me, you can just type 'jimmy ge' in Unity and see it for yourselves. KIDS are NOT ALLOWED!

Toop Loop
Really? NO, Please!
Now, what is your opinion? Is Ubuntu getting flaming hot or what?