How to Make money with ( Step by Step Free Ebook )

Hello all. is a link shrinking company that pays you for when someone clicks on your link.

For example, here is my link to this blog. (if you click it, you will be redirected to this blog, again!)

You can also make money with referrals, you can refer to a friend and earn 20% of there profits without affecting anyone! so if they are earning $1000. You will get paid $200 for there work!

1. FIRST STEP : Register with

You will need to register with first. 

Click here to register now!

*When registering please give a usable email because will send a confirmation email to you.

Just click the link given in the email and 'copy and paste' the code given within the same email.

After you are confirmed, just log-in into using your username dan password. Walla! We are done!

2. SECOND STEP : Shortening your link using

Okay, after you have successfully registered an account with them we are ready to make some serious money!

From the first page after logging in there you can see pretty much everything, now lets shrink  a url.

You have a website or something? It doesn't need to be your website it can be any link from whole internet. It could be a website/blog link, a download link or anything.

For this matter, let say you want to short my blog link, which is

Just put that link into the big URL box and click Shrink! and you will get a short version of that long link. 

Well, that's it! You are done!

3. THIRD STEP : Generating Real Money!

Now, the real thing, its time to get someone to click your links. You should start with sharing your link to your forums, facebook, twitter, etc.

You could use the same rules on generating traffic to your blog/website. Is there any easier way? Of course there is. But i'm not going to cover that here. For now, I suggest that you try to find something interesting to share. Patient is a virtue. Just keep adding and sharing interesting links until you reached $5.00 which is the threshold to get the payment.

4. FOURTH STEP : Website!

There are some statistical applications in the member's which you will found it really useful. You can see where the traffics are coming from from the top 20 country and also a diagram how you are getting traffic. This statistic is going to be a life saver in planning 'clicks-trafficking' afterwards.

5. FIFTH STEP : Withdraw Your Hard-Earned Payment

Finally, after some time, (real talented and skilled blogger could get this in hours!) your account reached the amount of $5.00, you can withdraw it into your Paypal account or your Payza account.

But before that, you need to tell how you like to get paid. 
Go to website, log-in and click the Account link. Just fill in all the information needed and remember to choose whether you want Paypal or Payza and fill in the email.

Now, when it's done, now click on that Withdraw link.

6. SIXTH STEP : Getting More Money

Although stated that you could get 5 dollars / 1000 views, it is not entirely true. Well the rates are not updated in real-time, they are just average. For example, if your CPM is showing $4.00, you will only get that 4 dollars / 1000 views. What is going on? Why the rates are wrong? Well it is actually is not. It depends how many campaigns are showed for your links. More campaigns / ads means more money for you. It just it!

So how can you get more money? Well, let says there are various technique people are using to get more money with URL shortening. You name it!
  • Youtube technique 
  • Twitter autopilot technique 
  • Photo Sharing technique 
  • Blog technique 
  • Facebook Technique 
  • Torrent technique and many.. many more... 
Its basically up to your imagination.  The most important thing? You can set it to autopilot.. and earn passive income! How awesome is it?
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