[SOLVED] - Fixing flash problems in Firefox after updating Ubuntu


The flash plugins problems have given me much headache. This had been happening for few times after I installed updates from Ubuntu. Now, I know that, in the updates, there were updates for Firefox.

After searching for a fix in Ubuntuforums and also in many blogs, I did not succeed to solve this problem. Anyway, I finally test a fix which is posted at Rico on Flex  and guess what! It actually fix my problem! My Youtube videos are working again.

Basically, the fix is, you have to put newest Adobe flash plugin in a non-existed sub-folder in your .mozilla folder. You have to create that folder manually and name it 'plugins'. Remember, the .mozilla folder is in your /home/yourname/  directory and are hidden. You have to press CTRL+H to unhidden it.

Okay, enough talk, lets do it.

Problems : flash video not working after updating firefox

Teories : New firefox installations did not have any links to the flash plugins installed.

Fix :

1. Download Adobe newest flash plugins. Click here. The filename is usually install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz
Save it anywhere you like!

2. Open the folder where you saved the file. Right click and pick Extract Here. You will get a file ended with .so as libflashplayer.so

Don't close this folder.

3. Open your home folder. Usually you can just click [Places]-[Home Folder]. It is on your Gnome menu on top of your screen.

4. Press CTRL+H and find and open a folder named .mozilla.  Right click and create a new folder called plugins in it.

Don't close this folder.

5. Just copy or drag the libflashplayer.so file from your download folder into your newly created plugins folder.

6. RESTART firefox.

Thats all. Please comments back if this also worked for you!