My Projects : Setting up My Old PC to become my Web Server

This is my first project this year (2010). Right now I am using my trustworthy Compaq Presario v3000 laptop as my testing web server. And yes, Ubuntu is the culprit which let me do it without any hassle!  But using a laptop as a web server is entirely not practical! So, I think I'm going to build my old desktops; I got three of them; from scrap and maybe I'll get a functional desktop PC to function as my web server to host my programming project afterwards!

I don't know if I'll succeed but, hey, that is a challenge! First of all, I have to get the main component first and test it as soon as possible :

An Mainboard with a Intel P III mainboard = I think my old P3 mainboard is still functioning
Al least 1 GB of memory = I'm only have 512MB
A 40GB Hardisk = None functioning from the scrap, I need an alternative!
A network card = This is embedded with the mainboard
A Power supply = I need to buy one!
A monitor = My old monitor still functioning
A Keyboard and mouse! = Need to test my old keyboard first
A CDROM to install ubuntu server.