Learn GIMP

A screenshot of the GIMP 2.2.8 raster graphic ...As you may noticed, I did not actively doing any posts lately. I am sorry about that but I have a good reason. I'm taking some learning curve on GIMP.

I do not want to use Photoshop and never use it for my work. Photoshop just don't get enough of my attention. I did installed it and although I was introduced and advised to use Photoshop for so many time, I just never understood it plus I did not want to pay for it. No offense to those Photoshop lovers out there. I know Photoshop can do many wonderful things, and sometimes do magic. But, yet all my previous image effects (during my windows time), was done through various image manipulator software, which I can get for free or as shareware.

Yes, I know- I know. I'm not starting a flame war here. I am just stating my personal opinions. Please do not get my wrong.

Now, the real deal. In Windows, I have to buy Photoshop in order to use it, but through Linux, GIMP already came pre-installed. So, I have the chance to get to know GIMP through Ubuntu recently and I must say, I got much interest in GIMP than I ever did in Photoshop. Why? Do not ask me, I just like it.

I am determine to learn GIMP and going to invest my time learning it. So, wish me good luck guys. I will post my progress here and may be some tips on GIMP.

For now, I am reading and researching about GIMP at these website. If you have any website to help a GIMP newbies like me, please post it in the comment.

1. GIMPguru
2. GIMP Official Website
3. GimpTalk
4. GimpTutorial
5. Gimp-Savvy
6. Tutorialblog - Gimp Tutorial
7. GIMPology
8. pixel2Life
9. GIMP user group
10. MelayuBuntu