I tried Xubuntu yesterday.

Ubuntu-ThunarYou got it right. I tried Xubuntu yesterday. After installing Ubuntu on a 7 years-old P4 computer at the office (dual-boot with XP), I noticed the computer was having a bad time inhaling Ubuntu. It was processing everything slowly and the lags were annoying. The most pathetic part, Windows XP was running lightning fast on the same PC.

What did happened? All the hardware supported by Ubuntu and it's a P4 with 384MB of memory. It is not supposed to have any problems with processing efficiency and perfomance!

I started to scratch my head and looked into alternative. At first I wanted to try Ubuntu Lite, but the PC didn't have a CD burner and I did not bring my notebook. So, Xubuntu is the easiest change I could make to the PC.

From the website, it says, Xubuntu is Ubuntu for older PC. May be this is the solutions.

This is how I installed Xubuntu :

1. First I removed ubuntu-desktop
2. Then I installed xubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-artwork-usplash

The code :

I fire-up terminal by pressing ALT-F1, login with my username and password.

$ sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop $ sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop xubuntu-artwork-usplash
That's it, Xubuntu is now installed.

Now to login to Xface press ALT-F7 to back to gnome and press ALT-Ctrl-Backspace to restart X and login to Xface.

This will work with no problems. I select "xfce-session" from the login screen option to get into XFCE.

The major advantage I'm using Xubuntu is that I will not lose my documents, or any installed programs. I can also use existing programs under XFCE - for example, Open Office and Firefox. If I don't like it, and want to remove XFCE from my system, I can always use "sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop".

Now it's more like it. No lags and the system running much more faster now. Anyway, Firefox and its memory hogs is still there. I'm considering Seamonkey or Opera as the default browser now.