Change of blogging policy

I've just had a small online meeting with MindaICT Blog Network members. Although it is always our privileged to write about our interests but it seems we agreed to change our blog to more guided path today.

Language :

It has come to our attention that traffic from Malaysia is greatly decrease (-153%) for the past 2 months and may cause by the fact we have not write in Malay as much as before. The traffic from outside Malaysia is slightly increase to 30% from 22% only.

For that, we have agreed to change our posting back into Malay language. This proposal was favored by 3 out of 4 our members and will be evaluated and carried out for the two months.

Revenues :

The revenues also down to 90% and hit hard on us. So ads will be set up again to gain more revenues to maintain members interests. We also agreed to open up membership to two more persons maintaining promotions and advertisement column.

Interests :

The mindaICT interests is still the same. We will continue to blog on open source software and OS and also our daily interests.


For now, there are only two place vacate.

Thank you for reading, and any comments are greatly welcome.