Updating Acer Travelmate 2400 BIOS

Last week I was busy repairing my colleague Acer Travelmate 2400 laptop. His Windows was corrupted due to viruses attack. After trying; and failed ; all kind of fixes i knew to fix the partition, I decided to doa fresh installation of Windows XP and also Linux Mint. I was talking to him before about giving Linux a try and he was interested enough to let me installed Linux on his laptop.

First I set up and formated the partition for Windows XP. About an hour later, Windows Xp was installed and running. After that, I searched the net (with a little patience) and download the drivers for Acer Travelmate 2400 and installed it one by one. Something weird happened though. The laptop seemed to act strangely. Something is wrong, the drivers was not fully registered into the registry although I am very sure I did installed them successfully. Windows can not shut down properly and always restarted.

So I started to find the answers and after goggling for a few hours, i found the same problems were cause by a corrupted BIOS. Was it intentionally cause by the viruses?

Anyway, can't think the most appropriate way to fix the problem than updating the BIOS itself. I found the latest updated BIOS for Acer Travelmate 2400 here at Acer Europe. The old BIOS firmware was version 2.20. This is from the readme file included with bios 2.70.zip file downloaded.




1. Copy all files to thumb or hard disk. Note that can't use floppy disk,

as it's size is too small to execute following steps.

2. The environment must be under windows mode, because the flash tool need to

run in windows system.

3. Execute the "flash.bat" to update BIOS.

4. When the flash status finished, that will show a "window to tell do you want

to reboot your system?", please enter "YES". It will helping you to do reboot.

So I flashed the BIOS and rebooted successfully. It was a relief to know that all the problems disappeared automagically.

Then, I installed Linux Mint without any problems. Although it took a lot longer than usual to finish installing. I installed Mint for more than an hour? What did happened? How to check what had happened?

Anyway, the installation was successful and Mint was up and running nicely. I did not say great because I still need to enable Broadcom wifi driver manually and the intel display was a little bit distort sometimes. But that's it, I did an update for Mint and installed support for ntfs-3g to let nautilus mounts Windows partition automatically.

Type this in the terminal :

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

That's it, and I rebooted back into Windows and installed MS Office, Antivirus and some applications for XP. Huh! :P

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