Tip To Increase Your Google PageRank

Today, I will tell you a very easy and simple tip to increase your Google PageRank.
When we make a website(s) we often neglect our site’s HTML code and do not validate it which is a major flaw in getting low pageranks. While making websites the main consideration should be the HTML markup. HTML Code Validators are the main tools which help us identify the flaws in our sites HTML code, which in turn helps us in getting a good Google PageRank.

Steps For Increasing Your Site’s Google PageRank:

1. Click the link provided: W3 Markup Validation Service. Check your site’s HTML code and try to fix the errors in your Markup and you are Done!

Yes, Its that simple!!

What happens is that when you have unstructured and unvalidated HTML code it causes the Google Bot to read through only half way of your page, thus assigning you a random or low page rank instead of the one you really deserved.

I hope this tip was useful and will help you gain a higher pagerank, in the next update. I would love to hear your views on this.

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