I'm upgrading Intrepix Ibex 8.10 Alpha 2

I'm upgrading to Intrepix Ibex 8.10 Aplha 2 now from my Hardy Heron 8.04. Although I know this is only an alpha release but I can not wait to test it. I suppose i will be preparing for a shaky Ubuntu version afterward.. Oh well, i'll just use my 8.04 Live CD if anything goes wrong.

It is very easy to upgrade, but bear in mind; this is Alpha stage, meaning that it is still not for public use! Upgrading is your own risk.

How to upgrade?

To upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04, run "update-manager -d" in the terminal; using the update-manager package from hardy.

So what is new on Alpha 2 ?

Massive merge from Debian

As with the beginning of any development cycle, the Intrepid one has seen the merge floodgates open once again. This merge not only brings in lots of new version of various packages, but also a fair number of totally new applications.

Xorg 7.4

The latest Xorg is available in Hardy, Xorg 7.4, with new cutting-edge features. In the short term, this will cause increased instability for some users while the video drivers catch up.

Linux kernel 2.6.26

Alpha 2 includes the 2.6.26-3.9 kernel based on 2.6.26-rc8.

Warning on my screen:

Upgrade will removed 13 packages, installed 76 new packages, 982 package will be upgraded.

 The upgrade will download 641MB and reported to take about 1 hour 41 minutes on my connection.

So, I'm going to do this now but I will not wait. I suspected download will take a lot longer than that. I let the upgrade run while I'm getting my beauty sleep.


Installing upgrades screenshot:

Removing old package :

Restarting system to complete the upgrade: