I upgraded to Ubuntu Intrepid Alpha 2

This is an Ibex
So I finished upgrading to Intrepid Ibex Alpha 2 today. I did some tweaking on the appearance of Intrepid Desktop before writing this post. this post is not a review neither a guide. It is just my report on what I did after upgrading. Remember, the Alpha release is never the real thing. ALPHA means early TESTING!

Firstly, the Intrepid default desktop-art doesn't play nice with me. I did not get the transparent and the eye-candy looked. So I decided to tune to my own OSX clone desktop. It is not that I did not like Human Desktop built in Ubuntu, it just today I would like to let my desktop looked like OSX ; heh! You know linux can do that!

The default Intrepid desktop
 Anyway this is what my desktop looked like. I use OSX gtk theme, cursor and windows. 

My new Intrepid Desktop
The good things are everything that worked in Hardy worked in Intrepid. I mean the hardwares support and drivers.
The bad things, I did have to tweak a couple of things to get things going as they are before. And the GTK+ support are only partially supported. This  are only a minor glitches considering this is ALPHA release.
Okay, firstly, my network-manager broke. So, my I had to use my network cable to get connected to Internet (without fuss). I search for remedy and found some workaround but none worked well for me. At last, it just need a quick uninstall and reinstall of the network manager in the Synaptic to fix this problem. 
Then, I did not get any sound from my computer. I checked and confirms all the pulse and alsa daemon was working. I looked on the Ubuntu forums and found this fix
I was quicly fond of the new desktop effects. Round cube. Enogh said, look for yourself below.
Here is a simple video of my Intrepid desktop.