Install Opera in Ubuntu Intrepid Step-by-Step

I have been a Firefox fan since it was a baby. What can I say, open source programs always get my attention. But since I'm using Ubuntu Hardy I was a little bit disappointed with both Ubuntu and Firefox. I mean, why Ubuntu have to include Firefox 3.0 ? Firefox always crash on flash site such as youtube, and yahoo videos. It never play nice with my Compaq Presario v3000.

I'm not condemning neither Ubuntu nor Firefox but I just hope that I have a unusual desktop system to show off to my friends.

Then I upgrade to Intrepid, I know Intrepid is still alpha stage but who can blame me? I just want to TEST if whether my Firefox problems is fix in Intrepid using new kernel.

I'm full of hopes this will be fix later but for now, I think Opera is the next best thing. I 'll gave Opera a fair chance, who knows it can be as conforming to use as Firefox. I prepared some screenshot of what happened today.

Download and Install Opera in Intrepid - Step-by-Step Guide

Open Firefox - point to and click on FREE DOWNLOAD BUTTON

Select Ubuntu Hardy Heron as our Distribution / Vendor of choice

Select the fastest or nearest Download Location (mirror)
Make sure you already installed gdebi-gtk to let an automatic install afterwards. Choose Open with gDebi-GTK
The download process will start. Wait until it finish.
After download process finished. Just double click the file and type in your Ubuntu password.
Click on Install Package button.
The installation will start. Wait until it is fully finish.
After the installation finished, click on the Close button. It is the button with the X symbol.
To open Opera 9.5, just click the Menu Application >Internet > Opera

Click I AGREE on the agreement / license window.The first run Opera Browser default page.
Test flash plug-in on . Success!!!
Test Java plug-in on Sun - Java test page. Failed!!! :(
Overall, the installation is not too hard. It is in fact kind of easy. Anyway much is yet to be tested before I CAN SURELY SAY it is a true alternative on Ubuntu Intrepid.

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