Ubuntu Malaysia

You know, something stroke my mind just now! I have been searching for "Ubuntu Malaysia: today on Google and Yahoo.

It have been a while since I do any goggling on "Ubuntu Malaysia". Usually I did that just to see whether there is any result of new sites doing Ubuntu support in Malaysia. And for the first time, it bothers me that my blog wasn't listed. (I checked twice from page 1 to page 10 for each search engine and page 10 was enough to make me stop there and rolled my soar eyes).

No wonders I had little traffic coming from Ubuntu searches! I never thought i would say this but this little thing is making me crazy. I never thought my site wasn't listed with all those Ubuntu tips, howtos and tricks i posted.

Then I jump off from my chair and started to think. What had happened? I thought Google (especially ) uses my labels in the blog as my keywords? What is really happening ?

This means all my Ubuntu readers had came from Ubuntu Malaysia forum not from the search engine? So i gave a good thought for a while and came with this conclusion.

Maybe, i need to post using exact words of 'Ubuntu Malaysia'? Maybe those web crawlers had missed the labels?

Then something came up in my mind made me laughed with tears. It was actually all my fault. (Shy).

I did label my previous posts with 'Ubuntu' but never with ' Ubuntu Malaysia '! And i never post anything using the phrase ' Ubuntu Malaysia '. Hahaha... silly me!

So this post is an experiment to see if the web crawlers can come up with the keyword for Ubuntu Malaysia afterwards.

Doa me success guys!