Ubuntu Malaysia Team Blogs

I decided to compose a list of any Malaysian Ubuntu user blogs / sites into a post.
I think this is surely will help those who are newly jump into Ubuntu. Only i just wondering whether I should include Linux Mint, UbuntuME and PCLOS blogs / sites?

Give me an opinion whether i should, okay.

Anyway this is some of the sites I could compile for now. You can help too. Just add your site in the comment and I will add it here, alright?

1. Ubuntu Malaysia Homepage | Forum
2. Ubuntu Newbie Malaysia
3. Blog myfenris
4. Ubuntu 'N' Me @ Malaysia
5. cypherhackz.net
6. mypapit gnu/linux blog
7. Ubuntu@Lowyat.net Forum
8. Ubuntu@Mydungun.net
9. MindaICT
10. Melayubuntu
11. Haumau
12. Blog Kebayanit
13. Blog PCFormula
14. xBeyta
15. Coder's Talk
16. Hygen blog
17. Linux by examples
18. Blog Negative Zero
19. blog Umarzuki

Yang lain akan ditambah lagi..