HowTo Remove the locked screen login after resume from suspend or hibernate in Ubuntu Hardy

This is a very short and simple tutorial on how to remove the locked screen login prompt after resume from suspend or hibernation in Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy).

All you have to do is comment out a single line in a specific configuration file.

First, lets bring up a terminal window. Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

Now that we have a terminal up, let's enter the command

gksudo gedit /etc/default/acpi-support

This will grant authoritative access to the configuration file which handles suspend and hibernation operations and utility.

Once the file is open in gedit text editor, let's scroll down to the line

# Comment this out to disable screen locking on resume


LOCK_SCREEN is a boolean variable that has a true and false value. Rather than change its value to false, let's simply comment it out by placing a # before LOCK_SCREEN so that the enter line becomes,


Let's now save and we're done. Reboot or Ctrl-Alt-BackSpace (to restart Ubuntu) for changes to take effect and you can now try to suspend or hibernate and your changes should be there.

To set LOCK_SCREEN again, repeat the process, but remove the # instead.