How to Install more programs in Ubuntu

Installing extra programs in Ubuntu is easy, in some cases is easier that in Windows, who said that Linux was hard to use.
To install a new program:
1) Click Applications -> Add/Remove
2) You can now search for an application or choose a category and find the program you want, there are thousands of programs to choose from.
3) Tick the box next to the program title and click Apply
4) Click Apply on the window that appears
5) Input the root password
6) The program will now download and install
7) Once the install has finished click Close
8) Click Close on the window that appears
9) Click the OK button on the Add/Remove Applications window
10) The program is installed and can be launched from the Applications menu

Now that isn't hard, if you were doing that in Windows, you would need to find the program off the internet, download it, launch it, read the license agreement, click Next 50 times and then it would be installed. Oh, and all software in the Add/Remove Applications program is totally 100% free.