Top 5 Linux Distributions for Last 3 Years

This is the list of the most popular searches / clicks on for the last three years. Looks like Ubuntu still owns the throne.Scores for 3 Years:

Distribution H.P.D* Percent % Rank
Ubuntu 6632 27.48 1
Mint 5330 22.09 2
Fedora 4702 19.49 3
OpenSUSE 3972 16.46 4
Debian 3494 14.48 5

24130 100.00

The Graph?

So, despite of Linux Mint is gaining a tremendous popularity for 2011, it is still obvious that Ubuntu is still The Most Popular Linux Distributions for the last three years! And although Mint is second, considering the latest trend in (till today) Linux Mint might climb up to be the most popular distribution for next year.

Fedora is still the rock solid options for Red Hat derivatives distros and OpenSUSE is the lone ranger in setting the linux standard today.

Now let us look at what happened to each distros popularity.

Although there are many saying that Ubuntu has lost its popularity, the chart is telling other story.

As we can see on the chart, ALL distributions gain a rise in popularity for 2011 with Linux Mint leading the way up!

By facts, Debian core is STILL the most popular distro on earth with Ubuntu and Mint  marching side-by-side with pride in the Linux world!