Set your wallpaper as Ubuntu splash screen

After having 9.10 for sometimes, many have grown tired of its Splash Screen. Anyway, there is no obvious way to configure this splash screen any longer. But if you want to change it, you can use a script built for that. By using it, you can use your wallpaper to be your splash screen. You can download and read more about the script here.

If you are as adventurous as me, then you might want to try a wallpaper changer program called Desktop Drapes. The good thing when you combine it with the script is, whenever your wallpaper changed, so do your splash screen! So, you will have different splash screen with each boot.
The Desktop Drapes - you can find it in the Ubuntu Software Center.

To switch wallpapers:

   1. Left-click the Desktop Drapes icon in the toolbar to switch to a randomly selected wallpaper or right-click on the Drapes icon and select "Switch" from the context menu.
To add a wallpaper to Desktop Drapes collection:

   1. Right-click the icon in the toolbar and select 'Preferences'.
   2. In the 'Display' tab, click the 'Add' button and select your wallpaper file or files. Desktop Drapes will automatically categorize your wallpaper by the dimensions of the image.
   3. You can tell Drapes how to display your wallpaper by selecting the 'Style' to display. Centered will center the wallpaper to the center of your screen. Fill screen will stretch out the wallpaper to fill up your screen. Scale will strech out the wallpaper to fill your screen, but will not change the aspect ratio, so that the wallpaper will fill up your screen the best it can without modifying the picture. Tiled will tile the wallpaper to fill up the screen, this is useful for small wallpapers that would otherwise look distorted when zoomed in. And lastly, Zoom fills up the screen like a magnifying glass.
To remove a wallpaper from the Desktop Drapes collection;

   1. Right-click the icon in the toolbar and select 'Preferences'.
   2. In the 'Display' tab, select the wallpaper you wish to remove and click the 'Remove' button.

To Customize Desktop Drapes.

  1. Start Desktop Drapes on start: Select this option to load Desktop Drapes automatically when you start up your computer.
   2. Switch wallpaper on start: Select this option to switch to a different wallpaper every time you start Desktop Drapes. Select this and the first checkbox to switch to a different wallpaper every time you start your computer.
   3. Timing selection: Use this slider bar to tell Desktop Drapes how often to switch to a new wallpaper, from a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of two hours. Move the slider all the way to the right to tell Desktop Drapes never to switch wallpapers while it's running.
   4. Wallpaper search directory: Select the checkbox to have Desktop Drapes monitor a directory and automatically add files in that directory to its collection. Click the directory list box in order to select which directory Desktop Drapes should monitor.