I Downloaded an Autopackage But I Don't Know How to Run It

Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...Image via WikipediaAutopackages are software packages that install on any Linux distribution, including Ubuntu. Autopackages offer an ideal way of installing software on your system that is not available via Synaptic. If you need something Synaptic can't offer, Autopackages are a great alternative.

Replacing an Application with an Autopackage

If you are running an existing application that was installed via Synaptic, and you want to replace it with an Autopackage, make sure that you uninstall the application first with Synaptic. Autopackage does not work in conjunction with Synaptic, so ensure that you remove any applications before you install the Autopackage.

When you find an Autopackage that you want to install, download it to your desktop. Now, right-click the package, and select Properties. In the Permissions tab, select the Execute checkbox on the Owner row. Now close the dialog box, and double-click the package.

The installation program now begins, and you can just follow the on-screen instructions.