Add TrueType Fonts to Your Desktop Quickly

Fonts have a huge impact on how attractive and usable your desktop is. Although Ubuntu comes with a range of high quality fonts, you may want to install some additional fonts. This is often the case when you need to use a specific company font. On modern OS, most fonts come in the form of TrueType fonts. Ubuntu offers full support for TrueType fronts, and it is simple to add new fonts.
To add a font, press Alt+F2. In the resulting dialog box type fonts:///, and press Enter. A font folder opens up. Drag and drop your new font(s) to the folder that opens up.

To check to see if the new fonts are installed, press Alt+F2, and in the dialog box type ~/.fonts. You should see your new font in the folder that appears. Try out the new font in an application such as GIMP. You will have to restart open applications before they detect the new fonts.


If you perform these steps as an ordinary user, the fonts will only be available to your user account.