Unlimited 100MB files sharing

Easy sharing of large files? With upload.sc it's possible. Just choose a file to store on our servers, and click the Send Now button to upload it. No registration, no speed limits, simply upload & share. Enjoy!

Today I'll found upload.cc - a free file storage server. They are accepting all kind of files (documents, multimedia - audio/video/flash - and archives) but not those with piracy tag on it.

Unfortunately, they only let files stored there for a month only but as other file storage server, the files will be online 24 / 7 and can be download as may time as needed.

Users also given a control to delete their file. Keep in mind this is going as basic as it gets. Anyway they claimed that they have fast and reliable 100Mbit connection to the Internet. They also claimed that they can be accessed through firewalls and every uploaded files are scanned through their anti virus programs.

As their website stated the services do not need any registration, have no upload/download speed limits but the files have to obey a maximum 100MB size per file.

How to use it?

First, you will need to upload the file to our server. Click Browse, select a file, and hit Send Now.
If you want to give your friend a link to the uploaded file, just enter their email address. They will get a message with brief instructions on how to download the file.

After a successful upload (did you enjoy the graphical progress bar?), you will receive a link to your file. You can only get to the file using that link, so don't lose it. We won't help you restore it if it is lost; you will need to upload the file again.
Everyone using that link can download your file - so share it with your friends.

Click on the link. You'll see information about the file with which it is associated. Now hit Download to get the file. Easy, isn't it? If you upload a multimedia file (like an animation, image or movie) you can also Preview the file without downloading it.

Anyway, I think this is a good medium to share or to send 100MB files to my friends if I need to. Right now I'm only using my gmail space to store my files.