Free Linux CD here!

So today I stumble upon a free website, err, actually a website offering a free Linux CD. They claimed they distributing linux CD for free to those who can not afford to burn by themselves.

The Free Linux CD Project

Who what where?

Free Linux CD is an effort to distribute Linux CDs globally. We're not developing a distribution or anything of that sort, but we are assisting those who cannot for any reason, acquire Linux through traditional means (store, Internet, friends). While our name might imply that we will only distribute "Linux," we are freely open to distributing other operating systems as well. Please read on for information about who we are, and where we are going.

So I was thinking if there any relevance to this project today?

Then further reading on their website concluded this :

While it may seem that Free Linux CD is no longer relevant, it is far from that. We believe that there is still room for us to make an impact-to spread the knowledge of Linux, and free software in general. There will always be somebody out there who can use a CD. While there are greater needs in this world, perhaps we can give the one thing we've discovered through Linux: knowledge, and the joy in being able to control your operating system, and not have it control you.

The Free Linux CD Project Developers,

Oktay, Emre, Jeremy, David

And what happen now? Sadly, the project is frozen right now. Urghh, there are a lot third-world country still needing those CDs. I was hoping that the project could be continued in near future. Hmm.. may be I will start a project like that in my own back yard?

You can visit them over there to read more.