How to tweak Ubuntu Menu faster

This is a little tweak to make menus work faster:

First edit the file : .gtkrc-2.0 at /home/your_user_name/.gtkrc-2.0

$gedit /home/your_user_name/.gtkrc-2.0

add the following line

gtk-menu-popup-delay = 100

you can choose :

gtk-menu-popup-delay = 0

100 for 100 ms

0 for 0 ms

Save and exit the file.

Now you need to Log off and log back in.

Secondly, get the icons cached in memory at startup

echo “find /usr/share/pixmaps/ | xargs cat > /dev/null” >> ~/menuicons

echo “find /usr/share/icons/Human/ | xargs cat > /dev/null” >> ~/menuicons

chmod +x ~/menuicons

Lastly, make it a startup item (System -> Settings -> Sessions -> Add, and write “~/menuicons”)