How to do a Doctorate Degree Programme in Malaysia - Part 2

Malaysian Postgraduate Degree Providers
Malaysian public and private universities as well as the private colleges (i.e. IPTA and IPTS) accept students who wish to pursue Post-graduate studies. The quality of the degrees conducted by IPTS is assured by the National Accreditation Board (or Lembaga Akreditisi Negara, LAN) and the quality in IPTA is assured by Quality Assurance Division (QAD) under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education. Malaysian public universities, which as a rule do not accept foreign students into their first degree programmes, do however open their postgraduate programmes to interested international students. The private universities and colleges accept both local and international students in their post-graduate programmes.

As such, local and international students wishing to pursue post-graduate programmes in Malaysia can study the entire course here via the different options available, such as:
• Public universities' internal qualification programme
• Private universities' internal qualification programme
• Foreign universities' (Australia and UK) programmes offered by their Branch campuses in Malaysia
• Private colleges' collaboration with foreign universities' (in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand) post-graduate programmes.

Application Procedures
Students can submit their applications to the individual universities that conduct the postgraduate programmes. Since the number of openings for each postgraduate programme is limited, there are various strict entry qualifications that universities insist on before admitting students.

You can undertake your postgraduate studies at most universities in this country. Postgraduate studies may be an opportunity for you to move to another institution apart from the one where you have obtained your basic degree, or you may decide to go somewhere that specializes in a particular subject area which you are interested in.

Applying to do a postgraduate programme is not a complicated procedure, but you do need to plan ahead. If you are applying for a Master's programme, which is normally in high demand, you must apply early because the available places in certain popular disciplines would be filled up very quickly. Besides this, the universities would usually have a quota of available places for postgraduate programmes; therefore, it is wise to apply early so as to increase your chances of being selected.

There is also no centralised postgraduate application procedure in Malaysia; hence, you would need to apply directly to the individual universities or colleges using their application forms by means of writing in or accessing their websites (if available online).