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Beginning Ubuntu Linux - From Novice To Professional

Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional is the best-selling guide to the hottest new Linux distribution. Within its 600 in-depth pages, youll learn how to become a pro-level Linux user.

The book starts by introducing you to the world of Linux. Then it outlines Ubuntu installation in illustrated steps, after which youll learn how to configure every piece of everyday tech hardware such as your Internet connection, printers, 3D graphics cards, Bluetooth devices, and much more. Then youll learn fun tasks such as listening to audio CDs and MP3s, watching movies, performing office tasks, and even image editing.

Additionally, theres a series of comprehensive tutorials on Linux internals and the command-line promptessential for any Linux expertand the book includes special sections on optimization, security, and system maintenance.

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Hacking Ubuntu Serious Hacks Mods and Customizations

Ubuntu, an African word meaning “humanity to others,” is the hottest thing in Linux today. This down-and-dirty book shows you how they can blow away the default system settings and get Ubuntu to behave however you want. You’ll learn how to optimize its appearance, speed, usability, and security and get the low-down on hundreds of hacks such as running Ubuntu from a USB drive, installing it on a Mac, enabling multiple CPUs, and putting scripts in menus and panels.

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The Official Ubuntu Book

Ubuntu is a complete, free operating system that emphasizes community, support, and ease of use without compromising speed, power, or flexibility. It's Linux for human beings—designed for everyone from computer novices to experts. Ubuntu 7.04 (a.k.a., "Feisty Fawn") is the latest release—more powerful, more flexible, and friendlier than ever

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Ubuntu for Non-Geeks (3rd Ed)

This newbie's guide to Ubuntu - now updated for Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron), the latest Ubuntu release, which puts the spotlight on multimedia enablement and desktop effects - lets readers learn by doing. Using immersion-learning techniques favored by language courses, step-by-step projects build upon earlier tutorial concepts, stimulating the brain and increasing the reader's understanding.

Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, 3rd Edition covers all the topics likely to be of interest to an average desktop user. Inside, you'll learn to:
# Download and install free applications, games, and utilities
# Connect to the Internet and wireless networks
# Configure your hardware, including printers, scanners, and removable storage devices
# Watch DVDs, listen to music, and even sync your iPod
# Download photos and videos from your digital camera, then edit and share them
# Tackle more advanced tasks as soon as you're ready

Full of tips, tricks, and helpful pointers, Ubuntu for Non-Geeks, 3rd Edition is a hands-on, project-based, take-it slow guidebook intended for those interested in-but nervous about-switching to the Linux operating system. Step-by-step projects build upon earlier tutorial concepts, helping you absorb and apply what you've learned.

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Ubuntu Linux - Bible

It's the fastest-growing, coolest Linux distribution out there, and now you can join the excitement with this information-packed guide. Want to edit graphics? Create a spreadsheet? Manage groups? Set up an NFS server? You'll learn it all and more with the expert guidance, tips, and techniques in this first-ever soup-to-nuts book on Ubuntu. From the basics for newcomers to enterprise management for system administrators, it's what you need to succeed with Ubuntu.

* Master the fundamentals for desktop and networks
* Send e-mail, share files, edit text, and print
* Download music, watch DVDs, and play games
* Use Ubuntu on laptops, go wireless, or synch it with your PDA
* Set up Web, mail, print, DNS, DHCP, and other servers
* Manage groups and secure your network

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