2 Newest Yahoo Mail domain.

SEATTLE--Yahoo Inc said it introduced two new e-mail domains on Wednesday, allowing users to select new, simpler e-mail addresses ending in ymail.com and rocketmail.com.

The current yahoo.com Web-based e-mail service has more than 260 million users worldwide, so many new users must adopt elaborate addresses because simpler ones are unavailable.

E-mail accounts on ymail.com or rocketmail.com will have the same features available with yahoo.com addresses including unlimited storage, being able to instant message from within their e-mail inbox and spam and virus protection.

"People want an e-mail address that reflects who they are, whether they are signing up for an e-mail address for the first time, or simply updating their e-mail pseudonym to reflect the stage they are at in life," Yahoo Vice President John Kremer said in a statement.

News from ZDNet.